Today’s popular brands have discovered firsthand just how important it is to incorporate strategy into their social media marketing, which many times is best left in the hands of professionals who are focused just on social media and its many moving parts.


Advertisers are now using paid social media to boost their marketing efforts. All major social media channels offer an array of products that need to be monitored, tested and optimized. Each social media platform has its own unique advertising opportunities.


Content is one of the most effective tools available in modern digital marketing.  With good content you can offer something of value to engage with past, current and potential consumers. Content comes in many forms, including blogs, images, video, and much more.


It's important to understand the difference between activity-metrics and results-metrics when reporting your campaign results. Not only do you need to know how to read your data, but also how to interpret your metrics and come up with new campaign strategies from the results.


Social network communities aren’t built quickly and there is no future end in site where brands will be “done” engaging with their customers. Online community management requires day-to-day monitoring and development of interesting content across all social media channels.


Getting your brand out into the world is important. Promotions are a great way to offer customers deals and save them money on your products or services. Creating social promotions mobilizes your followers across your social networks.

Helping Brands Harness the Power of Social Media in the SF Bay Area

I specialize in social media marketing and offer a variety of services. I excel in brand voice, social listening, organizational agility, feed and audience curation, multi-platform campaign development, analytics and optimization, innovation management, facilitation, and teambuilding.

I draw much of my professional inspiration from the surrounding Bay Area and love being a part of such a dynamic community.



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